IDEMITSU Four-wheeler's Gasoline/Dual oil series

IDEMITSU Four-Wheeler's Gasoline engine oil and IFD IDEMITSU Four-Wheeler's Dual (Gasoline/Diesel) engine oil series are formulated based on Septet Guard and Quintet Guard technology with the greatest performance offered by IDEMITSU. It is the engine oil that condenses IDEMITSU's cutting-edge oil technology and know-how that we have provided for factory fill oils and genuine oils of top OEMs around the world.



The road to achievement was long and hard, paved with much research and testing from the perspective that engines are the hearts of the vehicle and engine oil is the lifeblood that protects and brings out their full, lively potential. All purpose formulas for diverse products aren’t good enough. At IDEMITSU, we insist on precisely tailoring formulas to meet particular needs. As a lubricant expert, we use cutting edge nanoscale technology to create Nano-Tailored oil of unrivaled precision. Our engine oils are like blood, bringing life and vigor to high- precision engines. Savor the driving pleasure that only uncompromising commitment can deliver.


Advantages mentioned against each product are as per IDEMITSU internal tests/ evaluation, conducted under certain test standards or test conditions.

All advantages are indicative and actual results may vary under road conditions according to vehicle type, driving conditions and driving style.

IDEMITSU recommends to refer owner's manual to follow periodic maintenance schedule and select appropriate engine oil as suggested by vehicle manufacturer.